This whole project cost me $10.50. Available in white only and made from durable, impact-resistant ABS plastic. Make your own cardboard slide on your stairs You will need: 2 big cardboard boxes. If the is something tou can tie off on that can hold 240 lbs you can use a rope and pulley to lover down 9 or a car come-along winch. Trisha Cleveland of Minnesota found a brilliant way to provide her kids with an indoor playground through . My kid tired himself out running up the stairs to do the slides over and over and over and over. Starting from the bottom and working your way up, place each section of cardboard so it rests on top of your stairs, securely taping the pieces to each other and the sides of the staircase as you go. I wasn't sure how well a cardboard slide would hold up with my two wild children, but it's very thick, heavy duty, and sturdy! Koret Children's Quarter Playground 320 Bowling Green Dr. San Francisco, CA For a thrill, head over to the giant concrete slides at Koret Children's Quarter in . May . Naturally, there's inherent risk when you use any slide, but it's worth the risk. The time they spend together sliding down the stairs will be a memorable experience. There are two steps for kids to climb up, a platform at the top of the slide, and cardboard "railings" to keep kids safe as they slide down.

It's more or less one very long plastic-covered foam mat that stretches over your stairs to turn them into an indoor slide. The SlideRider is currently in. 19.

Just don't let the adults slide down it. When you're done with the fun just stack and store for later use! by a now 4 year old and a 2 year old and one of the folding edges on the top started to tear and the stairs are starting to bend. Press J to jump to the feed. Featuring a patent-pending design, Stairslide doesn't require any assembly just set it on the stairs and your kids are ready to slide! Blasian Babies Sister Climbs Down Stairs! With its patent-pending design, the Stairslide is able to securely attach to any straight staircase, without the need for permanent anchors or . Cowboy Hat Slides Down Stairs On Cardboard. Cardboard Activities at Home Quirky. After we decided on a width of 18 for our slide, we cut 3/4 sanded plywood into 2 lengths. But sliding it down is just as easy. . If you loved reading about this cool folding slide for stairs product, make sure you also read this post about a cool floating hot tub for you and your friends. Baby Car Slide Track Coaster Racing Toy - $ 59.99 $ 34.99. The SlideRider was launched in 2014 and marketed as an indoor slide that can be attached to your staircase, in effect, turning it into a huge slide! Do not forget to put some weight over it to keep it from wrapping. For all the attempts Hand trucks or dollies are good for moving multiple boxes up stairs. I suggested to go down headfirst and my 7 year old looks at me like I'm crazy and says, "Mom our faces are going to bump the stairs all the way down." And a good point he made! Taking turns so that no one gets injured, kids can slide their way down on a rainy day. Taking turns so that no one gets injured, kids can slide their way down on a rainy day. 6s. Scrap Wood Stairs by Instructables. This easily folds down for you to carry and store. Michael Kulik has experience working with this kind of 3-D art. Take a piece or thin cardboard and glue the slider over it. There is no instagram photo with that ID. So, if you do not have wood working tools like myself you can still head over to Build . As kids we did this by using cardboard boxes. Or buy yourself a moving dolly with stair rails and move it that way. Contributor Names Rizzuto, Angelo, 1906-1967, photographer Created / Published We will definitely be back! Sliderider. I'm an adult woman and they can actually support me. so i reinforced. . Loki the Dachshund Hopping Down Stairs.

All you have to do is open your boxes and put them along the length of your stairs. The best part is that you'll be making memories together like making a slide out of a cardboard box on the stairs! 2. Build a SLIDE on the STAIRS! Lazy dog slides down stairs on belly. Be sure to have enough thin cardboard on top and bottom of the slider to later glue to your other parts. **Ignore my panic Mom moment lol #StairSlide #IndoorFun #AdventurousDad #ToddlerTimeActivities #CardboardCreations". 1. Once all of the pieces of cardboard are in place, remove the template, trim off the excess cardboard and there you have it, a perfect skirt board template, and it took less than an hour to do. Getting to the top of the slide is easy using the stairs to the left, the inclined rock wall to the right, or the steps behind. It's the perfect solution to create an active experience for children . What can I use to slide boxes down stairs? I taped the flaps together (underneath the slide) to make it double-thick. format) | Photograph shows three young boys using a sheet of cardboard to slide down the stairs of a New York City stoop. According to the Quirky YouTube channel, it received great online accolades from the likes of Drew Carey and Sarah Michelle Gellar, in addition to other celebrities. Take the J-Church Muni Metro from Market Street downtown, get off at 24th Street and Church Street, and catch the 48-Quintara bus. The SlideRider is red and blue and can easily fold up into an easy to carry package, it will secure to the stairs to stop it from moving around, and has bumpers on each side and at the bottom for added safety. TheBestFails. Kids love slides but they can't play on them when it's rainy or extremely cold outside. 40s. Even with the help of cardboard, carpets, sleeping bags or mats, sliding down the stairs could be very dangerous for kids and could even cause a lot of painful injuries. Guy slides off ramp on soap water slide with friends. This is the SlideRider a set of connected folding mats that turn a staircase into a slide. You can boost your sale if you will pack your products in good packaging boxes. What are slide-away steps and ladders? We're looking at you, kid in the laundry basket wearing aviator goggles! These are made from flattened cardboard boxes. The SlideRider is in a concept phase and was designed by a group of inventors at Quirky. Collect thick, sturdy pieces of cardboard and cut them the width of your stairs. Therefore, some children having a daring nature and wanting to slide during the winter months will attempt to slide on a cardboard sheet or the like down the house stairs. I was about to take their newest toy down to the garage when I thought it . 40s. Sadly I learnt this lesson the hard way. SlideRider turns an indoor staircase into an indoor slide. From Downtown SF: You can get to within a couple of blocks of the park from downtown. 568 views | original sound - Rhylee Stone 331 Buy all three now. Loading comments. Stairslide features a patent-pending design that sits securely on the staircase. Removable indoor slide designed by Trisha Cleveland transforms staircases into . First, I cut the extra large box, then folded under all the flaps to create a long slide. Loading comments. 1. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts TikTok video from Rhylee Stone (@rhyleesboutique): "When you have an abundance of cardboard, and your dad is a giant kid at heart, you make a slide on your stairs! My boys certainly thought of the idea to slide down themselves - So this was a CLOSELY SUPERVISED activity. No assembly or fastening is required. Some of our favorite materials are fabrics, polymer clay, cardboard, paper and perler beads. Hope this comes in handy for someone taking on this project! The Customize Boxes offered Custom Printed Boxes Wholesale with free shipping across the USA in quick turnaround time. Fun cat-shaped holes on either side provide access to the cozy cavern where your cat can nap or play. What you NEED to Build a Cardboard Slide: Large pieces of Cardboard - TV, refrigerator, and other appliance boxes work the best. We are Shendijiro & Ura, we love making DIY, gaming, building and unboxing videos! It features safety bumpers on the sides to ensure your little ones don't go sliding off of the side and into the stair railings and a soft landing pad at the bottom.

Blasian Babies Sister Climbs Down Stairs! TheBestFails. When you and your kids are done playing with the . POV Kid Slides Down Carpeted Stairs In Cardboard Box. The Contemplative Creative suggested that the kids slide down the cardboard. The person at the top of the stairs will be arranging each box to the side as they arrive. There are thousands of images of people who have made their own slides with cardboard, but let me tell you, it has to be thick otherwise it is not a nice ride at all. And if the slide happens to cover the entire staircase, grippy socks and gloves could be used so kids could climb right back up the middle. The present invention provides a stair slide having an upper slide surface and a step fitting rear surface for locating and seating the slide on the stair. 7 - Spiral down the rabbit hole. This spiral slide looks to be made from polished . Trisha Cleveland has come up with an alternative to bumpy, potentially unsafe rides down the stairs. The first time without cardboard and the second time with cardboard. *More Indoor Activities for kids. Secure them with a strap or bungee cord pulled tight, and, facing the bottom of the stairs and stepping up backwards, pull the dolly up the stairs, one step at a time. Riley von Niessen October 19, 2020 Life-Stages. {found on erika_winters}. . Just in case you're concerned there was padding at the bottom of the stairs. April 27, 2020 | 1:30pm This dad is "sliding" into first place for Father of the Year. Spiral Stair Slide. 2) How to Build A Cardboard Slide ( UPDATE: For the latest update on the SlideRider and where to buy one, make sure to check out the "update"section at the end of this article.) The 'Stairslide' is a Semi-Permanent Indoor Kid's Slide for Stairs. Yes, he seems to be getting the most fun, but it's such a quick starting point and easy to copy. Cardboard Stair Slide. It can be an addition to the already existing staircase. **Ignore my panic Mom moment lol #StairSlide #IndoorFun #AdventurousDad #ToddlerTimeActivities #CardboardCreations". A cardboard Stair Slide is super fun, uses up your extra cardboard - and your kids will never expect it!

This Product: Funny Penguin Climbing Stairs Slide Interactive Music Toys for Children Type: Penguin - $ 34.99 $ 24.99. It's fun. We occasionally pulled bulky items up the stairs with ropes or straps, over the boards. 4.

Plywood is only 8feett long, so ours required a seam. Stairslide is a patent-pending, semi-permanent children's slide for indoor stairsa safer alternative to using a sleeping bag, cardboard box, or something worse! Built-in safety rails prevent a kid from sliding off course. Just make sure you support the weight from the bottom and give it a soft landing. laundry basket, mattress, cardboard box, family cat, etc.). You'll be the coolest parent around if you make a cardboard slide for the stairs. You can usually load two to three boxes on the dolly. This cool new plaything transforms a home stairway into an "inside slide" for children, complete with secure safety bumpers so they're unlikely to get . Back Straps. 1m14s. Step 3: MAKING THE SLIDER AND SIDES 1. Buzzvideos - EN. How many steps does each stairslide section cover? Share Tweet . The set includes stairway with fixed storage drawers, and large storage area under the lower bed. Guy on blue sled crashes into house. -MUST DO! As for materials, you'll only need two large cardboard boxes and tape, so this is a budget-friendly idea. 1 photograph : gelatin silver print ; sheet 21 x 26 cm (8 x 10 in. LOVE. (recommended for ages 3-12) Holds up to 175lbs kidsactivities, cardboard

They went down the fastest when they straightened their whole body. May 20th, 2014. jimbo . Open your cardboard boxes and put them on the stairs lengthwise.

However, this . Ships flat and assembles in minutes without tools; assembled stairs measure 20.5 x 18 x 17.25 inches. Available in white only and made from durable, impact-resistant ABS plastic. Just empty out a few, flatten and tape them together then make a slide that's the length of the stair. For long stairs, you'll need to position three people - one at the top who'll be sliding the boxes, one at the middle who'll be controlling the . . Click here for how to instructions from The Contemplative Creative MORE 100 Days of Summer Fun Celebrate 100 Days of Summer with 24/7 MOMS - each day we will post []

How many steps does each stairslide section cover? This is a wonderful idea for moving items both down and up staircases. 2. *More Indoor Activities for kids. So don't recycle those empty cardboard boxes just yet, there's lots of fun to had. Whee! Buzzvideos - EN. This Twin over Full Standard Bunk Bed with Stairway & Underbed Storage is going to revolutionize any kids' room while making sleeping time much more fun. 20s. ViralHog $0.14 earned. If You need Custom Printed Boxes then you are at right place. TikTok video from Rhylee Stone (@rhyleesboutique): "When you have an abundance of cardboard, and your dad is a giant kid at heart, you make a slide on your stairs! The bus takes you to 21st and Douglass Streets, which is a short walk to the slides (on Seward Street, off Douglass Street, right near 20th Street. 1m14s.

Transform your stairs into a slide with this innovative SlideRider. The best part is that you'll be making memories together like making a slide out of a cardboard box on the stairs! Find thick and sturdy cardboard pieces and lay them along the stairs.

Use a piece of cardboard--or 3-- to make a slide down the stairs!

Box Road for Toy Cars We're looking at you, kid in the laundry basket wearing aviator goggles! Preferably at least one with 'slidy' surface. Stairslide is a patent-pending, semi-permanent children's slide for indoor stairsa safer alternative to using a sleeping bag, cardboard box, or something worse! Each long-lasting, easy to assemble Stairslide section covers 3 stair steps; as long as you have enough Stairslides you can cover almost any staircase! 9 - Original Source Used: >> Click Here << It makes getting out of bed a lot easier and a lot more fun. Even less space needed to store and cheaper than this ever could be.